Programmed Cell Death (PCD) has become one of the most intensely researched fields in biomedical science since its discovery over two decades ago. The two major forms of PCD are apoptosis and autophagy. They are associated with many human diseases as well as normal development and intervention in the PCD process may play a role in the treatment of diseases as different as cancer, cardiovascular disease, inflammation, muscular dystrophy, wound healing and diabetic ulcers, viral infections and potentially many others.

Having discovered a new marker for PCD, we at Apop Biosciences are keen to engage with biomedical researchers worldwide to evaluate our proprietary antibody and its conjugates.

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Our research reagents target a unique event associated with Programmed Cell Death and represent a meaningful and easy to use alternative and addition to the current market offering. They offer unprecedented versatility, because they can detect both apoptosis and autophagy in live cell assays. We are keen to hear about distribution options for our R&D products to provide a global research community with access to our reagents.

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